Press knives

Press knivesThe press knives produced by Deszán Ltd. are tools which can cut different materials: textiles, leather, foam, etc. into different shapes. Cutting usually takes place on hydraulic cutting machines.

The press knives are made to the qualifications set by the customer, such as contour, number, and other accessories ex. (hole punches, needles, etc.)

Deszán Ltd.’s press knives can be applied in any areas where a large number (several thousand) pieces must be produced in a short amount of time.

Press knives for industries: Footwear industry, Automotive industry: leather seat covers production, leather furniture production, bag manufacturing, glove manufacturing.

Usual areas of use:

  • Shoe production,
  • Automotive industry: leather seat cover production,
  • Fancy leather and decorative industry

The press knives produced by the Deszán Ltd. are always made to the customer’s specifications using the cutter profile provided by the customer. If no other requirements are made, the Deszán Ltd. uses cutter steel produced by the Austrian MARTIN MILLER GmbH.

Press knives can cut anything from textile through foam to leather. The perfectly heat treated and sharpened blade ensures that the cutter will handle the several thousand cuts endured when the right technology is applied.

Ordering press knives

If you would like to order press knives from our company, you can do it several ways:

  • In person,
  • By mail,
  • By Internet.

Regardless of which method of ordering you choose, its very important that you, the customer, must provide us with the technical specifications. Naturally, the Deszán Ltd.'s knowledgeable colleagues are glad to help you with any questions, so that we can produce the press knife best suited to your needs and expectations.

The technical specifications must contain the following:

  • Type of knife steel: height, thickness, one or two bladed
  • Hole punch and needle size, type
  • Size of the cutting edge,
  • Labels: Would you like us to place labels regarding size, or anything else on your press knives

In case of orders by post:

In case of orders by post, please send us the paper templates for the press knives. Please write the technical parameters of the press knives on these templates.

In case of electronic orders:

If you would like to order your press knives by email, please send us the database in a previously agreed upon format. (please, attach a drawing or photograph to data files containing the technical parameters of the press knife.)

Press knives

Handing over the press knives

You may pick up your finished press knives in person at our site, but if you would like, we can mail them or send them by a courier service.

Dependable, uniform packaging ensures that your press knives arrive undamaged and in excellent shape. Furthermore, you can use the packing material for storage in the future.


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