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Mrs. Szántó, Klára Herczeg managing director-Deszán LTD HungaryI am Mrs. Szántó Klára Herczeg, I am the managing director of the Deszán Ltd., founded on 03,07 2000. We founded the Deszán Ltd. with my husband, Imre Szántó. We started as a company employing 7 people, which through the years as a result of our work grew into an enterprise with nearly 50 employees. Our conscientious work and our technical expertise played a great role in the growth of our company, since both of us, by our work are tied to the Tisza shoe company.

It is a special pleasure for me that my work is helped by my two grown up sons Tibor Szántó and Zsolt Szántó, technical directors.

In my opinion the basis of completing customer orders and producing high quality products is the thorough knowledge of the complete field, starting from the basics, including practical knowledge. Through my entire carrier, my goal was to learn as much about the field as possible and to apply it at a high level.

Mrs. Szántó, Klára Herczeg managing director in the workshop - Deszán Ltd.

After completion of the Vocational School for Chemical Technologies I began working in the laboratory of the Tisza Shoe Company, where I analyzed leathers, plastics and textiles at first, then I continued with the analysis of materials used for rubber production. Following this I completed the Mechanical and Automatization Technical College. After the completion of my studies I continued my work in the Tool Production unit of the Tisza Shoe Company, where I was involved in the planning and production of tools used in shoe sole production. This time period had a great effect on my professional development. Since I could take part in the introduction of a completely new technology, sole tools produced by aluminum injection, and the development of a complex tool production unit. Later on I became its technical director. In addition to servicing the entire Hungarian shoe industry, we also had orders from abroad, from companies such as Adidas.

The next stage in my career was the Sole and Rubber production unit of the Tisza Shoe Company, where I was the director of the division, enabling me to learn more about the Hungarian shoe industry. Later on, I returned to tool production. I was the director of a Tool Planning and Production Ltd. up to the foundation of our company, the Deszán Ltd. The years spent as a director provided me with great opportunities to learn about my field, and very importantly, to learn about the business environment. These all inspired me to start my own enterprise, as well as through the thorough knowledge of the field, be able to provide products which satisfy all the needs of our customers.

Using my technological knowledge, as well as my well trained and creative colleagues, we seek to make our customers understand that they can count on the professional knowledge of the Deszán Ltd. not just in tool manufacture, but through all the phases of production, starting with planning. Based on my years of professional experience and the knowledge of my colleagues' preparedness and creativity, my motto is the following: nothing is impossible, you envision it, we produce it.



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