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Deszán Cutters technologyThe Deszán Ltd. was established in 2000. It is a family enterprise employing about 50 people. Its main profile is computer assisted (CAD) production of press knives for use in several different industries, and the production of accessory tools for the shoe industry.

The Deszán Ltd. has its own site in Martfű (Hungary), (map ») with an area of 2500 m2 a present manufacture takes place on 1400 m2.

On a yearly basis, the Deszán Ltd. produces nearly 100 000 different press knives, in a short amount of time, with high quality workmanship which has been ensured by the EN ISO 9001:2008 quality control system since 2005.


The work of the Deszán Ltd. is controlled by the managing director: Mrs. Szántó, Klára Herczeg with the help of Tibor Szántó and Zsolt Szántó, technical directors.


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